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Why does white caulking change color?

Apr 30, 2007 by Deneen | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

I suspect its mold...but this caulking is supposed to be mold/mildew resistant.

If the calking was "kitchen and bath" type it would be mold resistant. What molds is the soap scum the collects on the calking. The easiest was I have found to clean this is to soak a rag with chlorine bleach and place the rag on the mold. Leave it there for about half an hour and the mold will be gone.

if caulking was used in a bathroom yes your right.
unless the caulk states its purpose.
if you use outside caulk inside you can have mold too. check the product your using...

If it is changing color after it is applied, it could be air pollution sticking to the wet surface. cut a small piece out to see if it is a different color all the way thru. If it changed all the way thru, you have defective caulk. If it is only on the surface, it is air pollution. Try to apply caulk on a calm day so the caulk dries before the dust settles on the surface. If it is used inside, there may be mold allready started behind the wall, in which case you may have to remove some of the drywall to get at the mold growing inside.

Another thing that discolors caulking is saliva. A lot of times a person will wet his/her finger with his/her mouth. I know one guy I worked for would never let a smoker do this as he said their saliva was the fastest to stain the caulk. I don't know if this is empirically true or not, but keep it in mind.

Peel and Stick tiles, with grout lines filled in with caulk?

Oct 08, 2006 by Allison | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

We put down 18" peel and stick tiles in our bathroom. The (grout) lines between the tiles have tiny gaps. Has anyone tried filling in the gaps with colored caulk?

call a Lowe's or Home Depot, and ask them, you never know, it could turn yellow over time or stain, and then you wasted probably alot of money.....

Can someone tell me how to do a caulk photo transfer?

Jun 17, 2008 by ethomasphoto | Posted in Photography

In college I did this by useing color copies of a photograph and then spreading caulk over the photograph afterwards removing the paper, leaving the photograph on the caulk. But I can't remember what kind of caulk it was I used. It was either silicon or non-silicon can someone tell me what they think it was?

For various image transfer techniques including caulk transfer -
Hope that helps.

What's the best caulk ( with an l) to use when winterizing your home? ?

Dec 17, 2008 by Ollie Tabooger | Posted in Polls & Surveys

I am planning to winterize my home and I need some good caulk to seal my cracks and crevasses . The old caulk is dry and crumbly and falls off when ever I touch it. I went to Home Depot to get some caulk but I just got more confused . Caulk comes in so many sizes and colors. I'd like a nice caulk that is firm to use , yet pliable enough to work it in with my fingers in my crack.

Use 100% silicone. It cost a little more but it's worth it. If you work it in with your finger make sure you wet your finger first. Otherwise you'll never get it off your finger. Kinda like an ollie booger.

But then again what would make a better caulk than ollie boogers?

What causes 50 year indoor/outdoor caulk to change colors to yellow on indoor different surfaces? Or any caulk

Dec 16, 2007 by | Posted in Other - Home & Garden

It's the effect of gas exchanges primarily, followed by the effect of u.v. light on it, followed by water staining. Better brands of caulk don't seem to show the effects as badly.

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