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NewGeneral Electric GE5030 Window and Door Silicone II Caulk, 10.1 -Ounce, Black
Caulks & Sealant
End time: 21-Sep-15 04:53:16 PDT

NewGE Sealants GE24331 Siliconized Acrylic Window & Door Caulk
Caulks & Sealant
End time: 28-Sep-15 02:27:15 PDT

NewDAP Alex Ultra 230 Latex Caulk Silicone Sealant Indoor Outdoor Windows Paintable
Caulks & Sealant
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 09-Sep-15 21:12:18 PDT

LOT of 4 Tubes OSI QUAD Advanced Formula Sealant Window Door & Siding CAULKING
Other Home Building & Hardware
End time: 20-Sep-15 13:37:29 PDT

NewLot of 2 White Lightening Window and Door Siliconized Caulk
Caulks & Sealant
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 16-Sep-15 17:07:16 PDT

NewGE GE412A Silicone I Window & Door Caulk, Bronze, 9.8 Oz.
Caulks & Sealant
End time: 30-Aug-15 14:37:05 PDT

LOT of 4 Tubes OSI QUAD Advanced Formula Sealant Window Door & Siding CAULKING
Other Home Building & Hardware
End time: 20-Sep-15 13:37:29 PDT

Caulks & Sealant
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 31-Aug-15 07:37:13 PDT

NewGE Silicone GE012A Window & Door Silicone Rubber Caulk, Clear
Caulks & Sealant
End time: 22-Sep-15 06:53:37 PDT

New2 Rolls Butyl Seam Sealant Caulk Putty Window Seal Tape 1/16" x 2"
Auto Seals
End time: 18-Sep-15 09:46:45 PDT

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What is the correct way to caulk a window?

Oct 13, 2007 by m t | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

i'm trying to be "energy efficient" this winter by winterizing my home. I've been hearing about caulking windows before it gets to cold. should i caulk on the outside or the inside? should it be all the way around or just where i see any large gaps or holes? i heard that windows are caulked from the inside when they are put that true? any help i would appreciate. thanks
a little side questions. one of my windows get condensation on the inside. can it be fixed easily

Condensation is due to temp inside and outside or maybe air leak.
Caulk thing.....remove any old caulk, start with new surface, remove old stuff,clean off area......apply new caulk, try and make your line as straight and neat as possible. go light , you can always add more.....use either index finger to smooth it about it or end of pencil.....i find fingers are easier.
it washes right off.
If you do exterior as well as interior you may want to use a silicon based caulk ,think that's what we used, same thing,remove old,clean area off before applying new caulk..its so easy.
Any questions like this also check
Great site!

This website should help you a lot.

And this may help you with the condensation.

Window usally do get caulked when they are put in. You can do it in or out, inside is most common, just make sure your getting and gaps, holes, and spaces between wall and window. That is the most effective way. Good luck and you can save lots of money doing this.

Tou should caulk them on the outside. Runa nice bead of caulk all around the the meeting point of the brickmould (trim) and siding or brick or stucco. Then, run your rag all around it to smooth it out.
As for the window condensation, if you know the window manufacturer, and it is in warranty, you can get a new piece of glass. If you don't know the manufacturer, you will need to contact a window replacement specialist like:....All Aspects Window & Door in Atlanta, GA

caulking around the outside seams of the windows will do a lot of good!!!

caulk all the way around the seam with about an 1/8 in. bead!!!

use a spray bottle with water and a little diswashing liquid to spray on you fingers and the caulk to smooth the bead out and flat around the seam, and it also makes a better seal!!!

good luck!!!

the condensation on the window means that the glass is cold and the inside air is warm so you get condensation. as for the caulking it depends on the window type. i suggest that you look to see where your windows are caulked now and do it in the same place. make sure you clean off any old dried out caulk that is falling off

caulk both , but remove the old caulking first
and use your finger , wet to smooth it out ,
on the outside use 100% silcone ,
painter caulk on the inside

your getting condensation because of moisture build up open them a little during the day

What is the best method to get window caulk off the glass?

Jan 08, 2007 by Kaska | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

We bought a house and the previous owners were very messy when installing new window glass. How do I remove caulk that is smeared all over the glass?
This is a 100 year old 3 story house on the outside window.

scrape it off with a razor blade.

Do I have to remove outdoor window caulk before putting in new silicone?

Feb 24, 2008 by Linzer3 | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

A window in my house is leaking when it rains and damaging the drywall on the interior of the house. A contractor told me to remove the white caulk and replace it with silicone. He said it would be a big job and he didn't want to do it. I'm not that handy, but I need to stop the leak ASAP. Can I just smear some silicone over the old hard caulk to fill in the cracks?

First - Windows should never be sealed with silicone. If you have silicone, old glazing or some-type of chalk remove and get it as clean as possible.

The correct material to use to seal your window is Window Glazing Compound. You can get it at Lowe's, Menard's, Home Depot, or even Ace Hardware.

Silicone will only work temporally. Because of the various weather and temperatures, along with density it will not hold and seal for a long term.

Hope this is helpful - Best of Luck

I need to caulk a window. What do I use?

Oct 10, 2006 by happydawg | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

I live in a really old house and I am not sure what to use to caulk around an old window pane. I picked the old caulking out with a screw driver. I have a new storm window coming in about a week. If I go to the hardware store will it say on the side of the caulking and do I have to buy a caulk gun to squirt it on? How much does this stuff all cost? I painted the window this evening and it looks brand new. Almost glows in the dark. Its been there since about 1966.

Any thing that says siliconized latex. If you live in a colder region, keep the caulk warm before you try to apply it, you`ll save yourself a lot of headaches. Apply about an eighth to three sixteenth inch bead around perimeter and tool with finger. Have rag handy. Make sure caulk is tooled to the glass and the wood. Don`t let the caulk build up under you finger too much when tooling. But if you use prescribed bead size, this probably won`t happen much. GOOD LUCK

I recently installed crown moulding in a bedroom and used the Door & Window Clear Caulk by mistake. Help!?

Sep 02, 2008 by mattoxa88 | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

I recently installed crown moulding in a bedroom and used the Door & Window Clear Caulk by mistake. Do you think I could apply Painters White Caulk over the existing Door & Window Clear Caulk and all will be ok as far as getting a clean line?
It is paintable. Thanks for all of your help.

Call the hot-line and ask, there are different kinds of caulk out there, and what I use might be different than yours.
Check if it is paintable, if so you can just do that. You will need to let it dry before you do anything.

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