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1970's Young Boy on Roof, Caulking The Gutter Seams Original Slide
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NewNuFlex® 110 Butyl Rubber Caulk and Gutter Seal aluminum metal flashing trim
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NewMomentive Performance GE50G.01 Silicone II Gutter Sealant-GUTTER/FLASHING CAULK
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NewNEW Dap 27062 Butyl-Flex Gutter and Flashing Caulk
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New Dap Butyl Flex Gutter Flashing Caulk RV Camper Repair Service Tube Water Proof
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Sealant & Adhesives
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New Dap Butyl Flex Gutter Flashing Caulk RV Camper Repair Service Tube Water Proof
End time: 31-Jan-15 00:35:22 PST

NewCase of 12 - GE Silicone II, Clear, Gutter & Flashing Caulk, GE50G01 FREE SHIP!!
Caulks & Sealant
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New9.8OZ CLR Gutter Caulk
Caulks & Sealant
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What type of caulking do I use when I am connecting of fixing gutters?

Jun 09, 2007 by Francis D | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

A couple of people did the gutters on my house. But, now they started leaking at the seams. And I want to caulk these so that they dont leak anymore. What specific type of caulking do I use and where can I get them? How much would I need for 200 linear feet?
connecting "OR" fixing

Go to Lowes or Home Depot. Look in the section where they sell gutters. They have a sealant which is used when joining sections of gutter. The tube usually states the length of bead. It is probably about 35 linear ft per tube.

just regular old 100 percent rty silicone fixes anything

You need to get an actual gutter caulk.Most hardware stores will have it.material is usually a gray color and is made to adhere to aluminum or steel thru a wide range of temperatures.Ordinary caulks will usually fail after a short period.make sure to clean the surfaces very good before appling the caulk.

Gutter caulk.

No, seriously, the best product for the job will be labeled either gutter caulk or gutter sealant.

As for how much, of course it depends on how much patching you need to do for your 200'. I would start with 6 tubes, more if it is really bad. It should be returnable and is not really expensive.

A Lowe's or Home DEpot will sell the specific caulking you need to join/seal the seams together. They usually have it in the same isle as the gutters themselves. If you can't find it there ask an associate and they'll point you in the right direction. A 10oz tube will most likely be enough for the 20 or so seams that 200 linear feet of gutter would have.

You apply the caulking on the inside of the gutter and feather it out so water will still flow correctly down the gutter. They also make patch kits for the exterior side of the gutter but they can be unsightly.

Anyone know of a good reliable gutter cleaning company in the NW burbs of Chicago?

Nov 12, 2007 by lilmaybell | Posted in Chicago

I need second story gutters cleaned and re-caulked. If anyone has a good recommendation it would be appreciated. Thanks!

Bruno Radowski
337 Grove
Wood Dale IL.

Joints in corner guttering over my porch leak. What is the BEST caulking to seal those joints?

May 24, 2007 by Barzilla | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

Since my home is in Indiana, I need a caulking which will expand and contract with extreme changes in temperature.

Dap roof cement or gutter seal will both work well. If that is not avaiable locally find a 100% silicone and use it. Clean the seams real well to get rid of any dirt or moss. Use a razor knife to clean both sides of the seams and about 1/2" either direction from the seam.
Wipe down the area with a solvent like toluene or xylol to make sure the surface is clean. After it is dry shoot a neat bead into the seam and tool it flat with a small putty knife to ensure adhesion and to make sure the water flows easily. DO NOT build up a damn that holds water in place. Good luck to you.

Im thinking of starting my own side business trimming hedges, cleaning gutters and caulking countertops,

Aug 04, 2008 by briley4242 | Posted in Chicago

windows and door frames. what is the best way to do an estimate? based on time ?

helps you pick a countertop and choose what's best for you.

Roof gutter leaking from behind?

Mar 31, 2009 by snowpatrol321 | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

We had our gutters redone 3 years ago, and the roof redone last fall. Now that the snow has melted and rain has started, we're seeing one section of the 2nd floor gutter leaking from the back (the middle section).

Should I call the roofing company or the gutter company to come check it? I'm guessing it's just a sealant/caulking?


Chances are your guttering is seamless, meaning they install a complete section without any joints. This is the way 90% of guttering companies install gutter nowdays.
I suspect there is a low place in the gutter or debris accumulated at one of the drops where the downspouts are connected.
Look at the gutter from as far back as you can and see if it looks like it dips down or sags lower than the rest of the gutter. Also check and see how much water is coming out of the downspouts on this section.
When downspouts get clogged the water in the gutter backs up until it overflows, then it naturally overflows at the lowest part of the gutter.
If you have any large trees around your house - this will help figure out the problem.
It also could be that the weight of any ice formed in the gutter was so heavy that it pulled some of the gutter brackets loose and no the gutter is sagging.
It has to be one of these.

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