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Vintage Gold Christmas Tree Dangle Earrings DECK THE TREE Avon 1994 NIB
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New7 Foot Lighted Palm Tree 300 Lights Indoor Outdoor Deck Patio Jimmy Buffett NEW
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NewCARIBBEAN mens PALM TREE embroidered golf camp deck cabana shirt new nwt sz XL
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Dragon Ruler Plant Deck | Yugioh | Awesome 40 card deck | Meliae of the Trees
Individual Cards
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NewSolar Lantern String Lights 13-Ft Hang On Tree Deck, Porch Yard Garden Decor
Lanterns, Strings
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NewTamiya AVANTE upper, lower deck & "D" tree Original Replacement Parts
Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles
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NewTrex 32 3/4 Inch Brown "Tree House" Colored Composite Deck Baluster (qty 208)
Edging, Gates & Fencing
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NewHanging Plant Stand Tree Flowers Garden Deck Patio Outdoor Pool Indoor
Plant Stands
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NewCamo Seat Cushions/Set of 4 (Real Tree new patio deck dock hunting)
Cushions & Pads
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Double Deck Congress Playing Cards Mid Century TREES SCENERY LANDSCAPE
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2 years ago I bought composite decking from Menards called Green Tree, they stopped carrying it. Warranty info

Apr 25, 2008 by rugerqueen | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

I need to find out where to go to for warranty it was supposed to have a 20 year warranty and no one can give me any info on who to contact and the decking is splitting pretty bad in some spots. Can anyone help me find out who to contact and what to do? This was expensive decking material and is only a couple of years old.

Green Tree composites is a division of Biewer Lumber,Try, good luck.

Is there anyone else who leaves the top of their Christmas tree naked?

Dec 17, 2008 by Just A Girl | Posted in Polls & Surveys

My tree is decked very naturally, and I like it best with nothing on the top. Am I the only one?

Mine doesn't have anything at the top either. I looked around in the stores to find something that I liked, but I didn't find anything. I decided that it looks just fine with nothing at the top.

How close to a 100 year old oak tree can I build a deck (must have many 4 foot deep concrete footings)?

Jul 08, 2006 by Plaz | Posted in Garden & Landscape

We are planning a deck for our yard. On one side of the yard, we have a 100 year old Oak tree. In MN, we must have footings that are at least 4 feet deep. We do not want to injure the oak tree in the process of building our deck.

The roots of the tree spread well beyond the range of the upper canopy. Most of the important roots are located in the top 18 inches of the soil. So long as you are not digging trenches you should be fine constructing your deck near the tree. When the roots are cut they will bounce back back rather quickly.

Just do not dig any long trenches or add soil on top of the existing soil level.

Good Luck

My young daughter was in car and by mistake she put the car in gear and hit the tree?

May 25, 2007 by | Posted in Insurance & Registration

I started the engine of car and stepped outside. My younger sister was in car and by mistake she put the car in gear. The car hit the neighbours tree and deck and stopped. Slight damage was done both to the car and deck. Somebody called the police so they took report. No body was injured, so every one walked away. One week later now I get a call from insurance company that I shall give details of accident. I dont want to claim anything. Please advise that what shall I say to insurance company representative?

This happened to me several years ago, My ex hubby left my son in the car and he backed the van into a tree and then ran over a bush.

Just tell your insurance company that you don't wish to file a claim because there was no significant damage and that should be the end of it.

Accidents happen and child protective services have more appropriate matters to tend to so ignore the idiot above.

We have an octagon shaped deck that is under a tree we don't get much use out of it?

Apr 27, 2008 by kayjay | Posted in Garden & Landscape

We can't cut the tree down because it is so huge and is in a bad spot on our property no equipment can get to it, but we really want to be able to use it but thanks to the birds and tree droppings that is impossible! Any ideas on what we could use as a cover/top on it? We were going to add a top to it but they were going to have to take apart the whole deck and start over, seems like alot of work to me!! Any ideas would be great!

Can you make a pvc type of frame? If you attach posts to the back of the deck and then several feet in front of it, you can create a frame. From this frame, you can "enclose" it with shade cloth that they use in nurseries. The shade cloth comes in different %'s too. It is also lightweight as is pvc.

So, pvc posts rising from the back of the deck. At the top of the post you will have smaller ones going around the tree and then radiating out to meet the other post set several feet away from the deck to create a sorf of tent.

You can paint the pvc with appropriate paint so it blends in. I saw someone hot glue bands around it and made it look like bamboo. That was really neat, but you can really do anything you can imagine.

Hope this helps you some!

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Ongar Road, Pilgrims Hatch
We have a range of composts and soli enhancing products at very competitive prices and will be happy to advise on your garden pest control problems. Our carpentry team can custom build your pergola, perfectly lay your decking, create a tree house your and more »

GALLERY: Parents lend a hand to help pupils' tree-planting project
GALLERY: Parents lend a hand to help pupils' tree-planting project GALLERY: Parents lend a hand to help pupils' tree-planting projectSchool site manager, Lindsay Winters, added: “We are also lucky to have a fantastic PTFA who are creating a nature area with a pond for us, along with decking and natural seating. We are really well placed to get our children outdoors learning more


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