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NewFANTECH 1MDE24 Belt Drive Exhaust Fan 24" Less Drive
Fans & Blowers
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End time: 02-Apr-15 11:48:51 PDT

Penn Roof Mount Downblast Exhaust / Vent / Fan DX06B Belt Drive W/ Curb & Damper
Hood Systems, Fire Suppression
End time: 05-Apr-15 13:36:48 PDT

NewEXHAUST FAN Commercial - Belt Drive - 48" - 115V - 1/2 Hp - 2 Speed - 17,100 CFM
Fans & Blowers
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 01-Apr-15 16:04:54 PDT

NewCaptive-Aire Systems Centrifugal Downblast Belt Drive Exhaust Fan Model DD11FA
Hood Systems, Fire Suppression
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 13-Apr-15 16:54:26 PDT

NewFANTECH 1HDE30 Belt Drive Exhaust Fan 30" Heavy Duty Less Drive
Fans & Blowers
$399.99Buy It Now: $599.99
Bids: 0
End time: 02-Apr-15 11:48:51 PDT

Dayton 3C411B 24" Tubeaxial Exhaust Fan Vertical/Horizontal Mount Belt Drive
Fans & Blowers
End time: 29-Apr-15 06:31:15 PDT

Hood Systems, Fire Suppression
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 05-Apr-15 06:52:17 PDT

NewFANTECH 1HDE24 Belt Drive Exhaust Fan 24" Heavy Duty Less Drive
Fans & Blowers
Bids: 0
End time: 02-Apr-15 11:48:51 PDT

Greenheck Roof Exhaust Fan Model # SB-101-4X-QD-R4 Belt Drive C8~ 18702ELL
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 22-Apr-15 20:57:01 PDT

TiteKote 28A58083 G90 60" Exhaust Fan - Belt Drive
Water Baths & Chillers
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 25-Apr-15 12:38:27 PDT

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The exhaust fan over my stove is making a screaming noise. What's wrong?

Jan 15, 2009 by mojopo | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

It's a high-pitched, loud SQUEEEE and I think the belt on the motor is bad. What do you think? Is it going to be expensive to fix? Can I fix it myself?

I've never seen one of those with a belt drive. Sounds to me more like the bearings, in the motor, are shot. You can replace the motor fairly easily.

Could be the bearings. Also, could be the belt. Can you tighten the belt?. Might help. Otherwise, yeah new bearings

It sounds like the belt. You can buy a new fan and replace the old one. It should only be about 4 screws and 1 plug.

Typically a fan like that doesn't have a belt, just the fan right on the motor. Chances are you will have to replace it, as it sounds like the bushings (bearings) have worn out, dried out. Usually they are not made to be lubricated. Either way, you should be able to do it yourself, if you can figure out how to disconnect the power going to the fan. If not, call in a pro.

replacement motors cost around $20. they come with new blades and are very easy to replace.

Those don't have belts so the motor bearing on 1 end is going out or
the fan its self is slipping on the motor shaft.

90 Lincoln Towncar V Fan Belt issues?

Dec 07, 2008 by Enrique | Posted in Ford

I replaced the two belts on my 90 TC (Ford 5.0L)... The belts are tight and the belts are correctly aligned... however, I have two issues:

1) My engine revs MUCH louder now... this isn't much of an issue, and it's only loud if I depress the pedal more than half way... but it sounds like I have a new exhaust on there. Kind of weird.

2) The fan belts slip (and squeak) if I floor it all the way. When I floor it, first gear should max out around 40 or 41mph... however the belts start slipping around 36 mph and it upshifts around 38 or 39mph.

The belts could be slipping earlier and I might not be able to hear them squeak due to the engine being louder.

Unfortunately, when I put the belts on, I didn't know if I was supposed to "resurface" the pulleys like you do with serpentine belts.

Any ideas?
No rust on the pulleys. The engine is pretty immaculate for the age.
Also, I am hesitant to believe it is the fan clutch since it is not running hot.

do you have rust build up on any of the related pulleys/tensioner? what i really think though is your fan clutch is shot.

i need to improve my fuel economy?

Oct 08, 2006 by | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

i have a 2004 chevy blazer, 2 not 4door, 4.3 Vortek V6, 2wheel drive, 40,000 miles on it. I'm getting bout 15highway,mpg, i should &filter every 3000miles or sooner, i clean&re-oil my K&N air filter every 6000miles, change my fuel filter every 12,000miles, i have no trans filter to replace. So what can i do to regain my lost economy? should i replace the gear oils in the standard trans, or the rear end, do i have to use syn. oils only, whats the darn problem? I'm even considering buying a dual electric fan kit to replace my belt driven fan, just to free up a few hp, but those kits are $200.00 or more, would anything like that even make any diff.? i came up with the idea cause i know the silverado with the same engine has bigger air intake hose, bigger exhaust and two electric fans not belt driven. Some one please, please tell me the best thing to do.

Have you had the battery out? If so the computer needs a reset.Usually after the battery has been out the first start after is done with full or lots of throttle,this sets the comp to a high fuel setting.To fix,start eng and warm up to normal temp,turn off eng,disconnect battery,leave for a few mins,reconnect battery,start eng WITH NO THROTTLE,this will put you on a low fuel will have to reset clock and radio etc.

Peugeot 106 making strange noise - Exhaust?

Dec 02, 2008 by Louise | Posted in Peugeot

I haven't had my car long so i am not sure of the noises it generally makes but as i go over bumps, there is a strange scrapping, slight bang (like something hitting something) noise, does this sound familiar to anyone, also when i start the car it makes a squeaky noise i assume this is the fan belt? does this mean it needs changing?

At the very least your belt needs tightening. This is not a fan belt, but an alternator belt. (The fans are all electric nowadays on Peugeots. The last model to have a fan belt was the 1981 Peugeot 305.)

Slight bang, and scrapping noise? My first guess is; your reserve tyre is not firmly held down?
2nd guess: One front shock absorber needs replaced.? When you go over a bump, that wheel jumps up in the air one inch. The shock absorber must push the wheel downwards immediately. Maybe it needs help / scraping on the inside?

Exhaust? Maybe the exhaust muffler (the last. big part) what do you call that in England?) is hitting the bottom of your boot. You could test that yourself by using your hand to raise the "muffler" up and down. It should not budge very much. Not to make a banging noise, anyway.

Someone with a good ear should hear that.

My Fiat Punto is making a funny noise?

May 16, 2007 by krystina e | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

The noise sounds like its coming from the fan belt area. It makes the noise as soon as i start the car and stops when i turn the car off. Its a bit like a rubbing kinda noise with a kinda high pitched whirling included. Oil is fine and there is no smoke coming from exhaust. Any ideas?
But surely if i oil it then it will make it slip? It sounds like something is really dry
but surely i would be losing water if there was a problem with my water pump?

tighten ya fan belt.

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