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NewChrome Vintage Clawfoot Bath Tub Faucet with Handshower - Wall Mount
End time: 11-Oct-15 06:40:19 PDT

End time: 17-Oct-15 08:32:13 PDT

NewAdd A Shower Converter Kit For Clawfoot Tub with Diverter Faucet & Rod Chrome
End time: 19-Oct-15 06:24:28 PDT

NewNew Brushed Nickel Bathroom Clawfoot Bath Tub Faucet With Handheld Shower Set
End time: 08-Oct-15 14:50:01 PDT

NewChrome Clawfoot Bath Tub Faucet Handheld Shower 5541A
End time: 18-Oct-15 16:26:48 PDT

NewBathroom Clawfoot Bath Tub Faucet with Handheld Shower Spray Oil Rubbed Bronze
End time: 06-Oct-15 01:01:38 PDT

NewPolished Chrome Clawfoot Tub Faucet Package Kit With Drain, Supplies, & Stops
End time: 08-Oct-15 15:20:57 PDT

NewClassic Clawfoot Bath Tub Faucet With Handheld Shower 5541A
End time: 21-Oct-15 19:29:31 PDT

NewHeavy Duty 3 3/8" Centers Chrome Plated Diverter Clawfoot Tub Faucet New
End time: 25-Oct-15 02:08:56 PDT

NewChrome Bathroom Add-A-Shower Clawfoot Tub Diverter Faucet & Hand Shower Kit
End time: 12-Oct-15 19:46:01 PDT

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Would it look wierd if I have a chrome clawfoot tub faucet and brushed nickel sink faucets in my bathroom?

Mar 29, 2008 by Lily | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

I'm building, and I just can't decide what I want. I don't know how a brushed nickel clawfoot tub faucet would look.

You should really pick what you like the best. Have you honestly ever gone into someone's bathroom and critiqued their fixtures? Do you notice if the tub matches the sink? I doubt most people do......pick the one, or both that you like!


I think that is sooo kewl.

Well, since the claw footed tub is an antique look, I would use the the brushed nickel because the chrome is just too modern. But it is your house and you have to be happy when you see it.

Brushed nickel will not look like chrome. Can you get matching metals?

Plug faucet hole in old cast iron clawfoot tub?

Feb 12, 2009 by jar0514 | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

I just purchased a claw foot tub and it has 3 holes drilled in the tub wall. I would like to find a nice looking way to plug the faucet holes. I intend on using a faucet that attaches to the bathroom wall.
I have looked high and low for plugs specifically for this purpose and have come up with nothing. Any ideas of where to look and what to look for?

Visit a hobby or craft store and find a local kiln. Most will have a pottery or ceramics class. Take the measurements of the diameter of the holes. Create the "plugs" or covers that you want out of porcelain or ceramic and have them fired in the kiln with a decorative or matching glaze. Remember, the size of the ceramic will shrink after being fired. Use 100% silicone to adhere it to the clawfoot tub. Tape them with blue painters' tape until the next day while the silicone sets and cures. Silicone will have a strong odor and can make you dizzy. Open a window on both sides and get a cross ventilation.

Clawfoot Tub facing the wrong way for a shower converstion kit?

Feb 05, 2008 by skylarkdancer87 | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY) fiance and I bought our first house and the only bathroom in the house has a clawfoot tub...well we want to get a conversion kit so it can be a shower too..but the way the kits are made it has to have a wall support where the faucet is...well...our tubs faucet isn't next to a's facing out towards the rest of the room...what do we do to fix this problem? i'm afraid we'll have to rotate the entire tub and redo the plumbing so the drain will be in the right place. Is there any way to avoid that?

does anyone know how to get hard water stains off of an antique clawfoot tub?

Apr 01, 2007 by sepultina24 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

The stain looks very thick under the faucet running down to the drain. Otherwise the tub is in great condition

Try Navel Jelly.

Can I replace only the faucet part of a free standing set up on a clawfoot tub with a wall mount faucet?

Jul 21, 2008 by csalm09 | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

I have a clawfoot tub and I am trying to add a hand shower to it with out it being super expensive. The cheaper ones I've found are only wall mount faucets, is there a way to replace the faucet part with the wall mount faucet? of course if the dimensions are the same.
I currently have a free standing faucet that has no way of adding a handshower with out replacing the whole faucet. I don't want to install new plumbing, I just want to know if i can exchange the faucet part for something that comes with a hand shower but is made for a wall mounting or deck mounting

Yes you can
the way to do it depends on which style valve you have
go to a plumbing supply store and tell them what you have and they can assist you
oh and a picture might be helpful to them

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