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NewBathroom Kitchen Sink Pull Out Single Handle Chrome Lever Faucet Tap Spray USZX1
Bids: 1
End time: 20-Oct-14 16:10:14 PDT

NewBathroom Basin Chrome Faucet Waterfall Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Single Handle New
End time: 13-Nov-14 17:05:23 PDT

NewNew Delta Nyla Bathroom Chrome Faucet 1-Handle Single Hole Water Sense Waterfall
Bids: 4
End time: 20-Oct-14 16:39:06 PDT

NewChrome Brass Waterfall Bathroom Basin Faucet Vanity Sink Mixer Tap Single Handle
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End time: 23-Oct-14 19:19:56 PDT

Vigo Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet w/Soap Dispenser in Chrome
Retail;s for $277.11
Bids: 8
End time: 20-Oct-14 16:48:32 PDT

New12" Modern Chrome Contemporary Bathroom Faucet Vessel Sink, Single Handle New
End time: 22-Oct-14 23:52:57 PDT

NewNEW 18" Chrome Kitchen Sink Faucet Swivel Pull-Out Dual Spray Single-Handle Hole
Bids: 0
End time: 20-Oct-14 17:10:19 PDT

NewDelta Pilar Single Handle Kitchen Faucet w/ Side Spray Brushed Nickel 3 Hole
$63.00Buy It Now: $240.00
Bids: 14
End time: 20-Oct-14 17:14:24 PDT

New22" Pull Down Bar & Kitchen Faucet - Single Hole / Handle
End time: 21-Oct-14 05:38:15 PDT

NewKitchen Sink Pullout Faucet Pull Down Out Sprayer Oil Rubbed Bronze Single Hole
Bids: 10
End time: 20-Oct-14 20:10:10 PDT

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Can I add a face plate to any single handle faucet?

Apr 06, 2008 by Elaine D | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

I have three holes in my sink, but want to buy a new single handle goose neck faucet. All I see do not have a face plate and there is no indication that one can be added.

I am guessing you have a lav sink with 8" centers?

If so you need to replace the lav sink.

Almost all kitchen sinks have 3 holes, where a single lever or 2 handle faucet work.

eNot sure what you mean but if there is not one with tap there probably won't be one. There certainly wont be one to cover three holes but single hole infills are available from plumbing shops. Thay are in chrome finish

My faucet's single handle just broke right off, how do I fix this?

Jun 26, 2008 by veebeedee | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

It's a Moen faucet, single handle. It has been wobbly for awhile and today it just broke off. Can I just replace the top of the handle that is broke and how do I go about doing that? Is it difficult? Should I take the broken handle to the hardware store and ask them what to do? Thanks for any help!

Some stores do carry an extensive inventory of parts for various brands of faucets. You'd just have to take it in to see.

Before you do tho.... did the handle just come off... or did it actually "break" ?

You mentioned it was 'wobbly' for awhile.... most likely (if the handle is not actually 'broken'), the set screw just backed out, and you dont need a new handle. Typically a single lever faucet handle is held in place by an 'allen' screw. If you bought this faucet yourself, one was probably supplied with it. If you look at the faucet handle, as if you were standing at the sink, with it pointing towards you, the set screw will be on the opposite side, near the bottom.

The set screw is probably still in the handle, if the whole thing did just come off the base. IF you cannot find the allen wrench (aka 'hex' key), you could take the handle to any hardware store, or building supply store, and perhaps buy one to fit. It may be SAE, or Metric. Worst case scenario, you buy a combo pack of hex keys, of each type, for less than $20. I believe that would be considerable less than a new Moen faucet, hehehe.

Now, these allen screws, tighten thru the handle onto the valve stem of the faucet... usually a small brass piece, at the top of it.... if THAT part is broken, you can get a new valve stem, at most hardware stores.

Here are some pics for you -
A typical faucet allen screw looks like this -
Here is a similar type of screw, but it is easier to see what the screw head looks like -
And here are a couple of 'hex keys', or 'allen wrenches' -
One with a 'screwdriver' type handle -
An individual set of allen wrenches -
A 'combination' set - all the 'hex keys' fold into the handle, like a pocket knife -

There are other types of Allen wrenches/hex keys... 'T' handles, and specially bent versions, but the photo links I've provided are the most common, and you can find them at just about any store... hardware stores, WalMart, etc.

And... last but not least... here is a link to Moen, where you can order replacement parts online, if you cannot find one in a local store -

Good Luck

how do i remove a single handle moen faucet with a more recent one?

Apr 22, 2008 by jam | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

At the moment, I have a single handle pull faucet (kinda looks like a big round door knob)....I want to replace it with a do I do this? can this be done without damaging tile...I would like to keep the spout (can I keep the existing spout?)....thanks

Pop the top of the faucet off, there should be a round plastic or metal cover in the middle of the faucet. Underneath is a brass screw that holds the handle on, remove this screw and remove the handle. If you want to replace it with a lever, you will need to buy a complete new faucet with the lever handle, follow the instructions to install the new faucet. You may need to turn the water off just before the hot water heater to do this work.

See our web site

Will i need to remove the wall to replace shower/tub single handle faucet?

Jun 25, 2007 by teacher4u25f | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

I need to replace the spout and the handle on will i need to go into the wall to do this the shower head is fine the knob that you pull to divert the water to the shower is stuck so we can't take a bath and the handle is worn do i need to go into the wall to do this...need to know before i buy fixtures.. would it be better to hire someone to do this????
how do i remove the spout i tried turning it i thought it just screwed on ?/

you need to turn the water off and start unscrewing the fixtures.

Then take those to a plumbing supply house and see what they have to replace them with.

you won't need to replace the wall. It wouldn't hurt to hire a pro the first time.

My bathroom faucet is dripping. How do I install a washer in a single handle faucet?

Apr 12, 2007 by dealonbracelets | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

I have those faucets which have just one spigot and a round plastic turn on thingy. It's dripping and I need to instal a new washer. But How? Can anyone help?

You can pry off the plastic cover and remove the knob. You should see from there how to remove the handle. ( be sure to shut off your water first) There should be some kind of washer or "0" ring, so you will need the correct one. Put back together... and if it doesn't leak you did a good job. Now from my experience.. just replace the faucet. Any like that I have repaired usually starts leaking again in about a year or less, and I end up just replacing the faucet with a good one and no more problems for 5 + years, depending on how good of a faucet I buy. A good one will last many years.

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