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Laminate flooring?

Nov 24, 2006 by cardinalfanusa | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

I'm installing laminate flooring and am planning on using my existing carpet padding (it's really thin). I'm installing the flooring on a concrete foundation. How important is it for me to use an underlayment/vapor barrier such as Visqueen? What are the consequences, both short and long-term if I choose not to use a vapor barrier?

visqueen is plastic sheeting
you can pick that up for $5 a roll from walmart.
you can also use felt paper rolls, the kind used for roofing but not tarred.

moisture will be the big culprit. It may smell musty and damp.

if your going to spend money on flooring then spend a little extra and get the right stuff or pay more when you have to replace everything later on.

Most Definatley!

A vapor barrier of 15-pound felt paper should be placed between the sub-floor and the hardwood flooring, A moisture barrier is also needed under a floating floor, such as laminate or a floating engineered floor, and it's recommended to install a 6 mil Poly sheeting. When gluing down to concrete a vapor barrier is almost always need and the Bostiks MVP used in conjunction with Bostiks best Adhesives.

How do I get laminate flooring to work when my steel door can barely "clear" vinyl flooring?

Mar 17, 2008 by Erin H | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

I'm looking at putting laminate flooring in the kitchen but our steel door leading out to our garage can barely "clear" the current vinyl flooring when it opens, so I know it wouldn't be able to open with a taller laminate floor. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a new door or make any major renovations. Any suggestions?

Another option if you can't cut the door off is to put the laminate only up to the outside of the door reach and leave the vinyl as a circular entry type look. It's done with carpeting all the time by outside entry doors, usually so you can have a scatter rug on the vinyl. In your case, you don't have room for a scatter rug.

Is putting in laminate wood flooring really as easy as they make it seem?

Dec 09, 2007 by toneykuhnz | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

I am moving into my first house next week and I am doing the laminate flooring myself....can anyone tell me if they have done it an how easy or hard it actually was? Also, do you know if I can just put the pad and laminate flooring on top of the kitchen flooring that is already there? Thanks for your help in advance!

Make sure the particular flooring you are getting needs no other supplies..some requires a simple underlayment(fabric type sheeting)..and some require you buy these foam rubber gasket type items that the baseboard needs pulled and they have to tuck under it to help lock in without moving..Just make sure before purchasing..that you are aware of what all is needed..Remember..most of these floorings need to have the base board removed to install properly

What do you clean your laminate flooring with?

Dec 13, 2006 by clueless | Posted in Cleaning & Laundry

I have been cleaning my laminate flooring with some cleaner just for laminate flooring and my floor keeps looking duller and duller with each cleaning. It is a new floor and I want it to look great not dull and old looking. Any suggestions?

Just a little Vinegar and Water

I recently had a Shaw laminate floor installed in my kitchen. I called their customer service representative to ask the best way to clean their flooring. She told me to use 1/4 cup of vinegar and put it in a 30 to 32 ounce empty spray bottle filled with plain water. I purchased a terry mop cover that has elastic all around it from Home Depot, which I dampen with water and place on a Swiffer dry mop head. I then spray the floor (a small area at a time) with the vinegar/water solution and then wipe it up with the damp terry mop. It does a good job. There is no streaking, and you are using very little water on the floor. One company has come out with wet cloths to attach to Swiffer mops that contain vinegar and water, which I also plan to purchase and try.

Make Cleaner at Home

To make laminate floor cleaner, mix 1/3 white vinegar, 1/3 rubbing alcohol, 1/3 water, and 3 drops dishwashing liquid for a quart total. For best results, wipe off quickly.

When installing laminate flooring, should I just remove the laminate to carpet transition pieces?

Dec 21, 2007 by toneykuhnz | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

Also, do you know of any good video's online that offer instructions on installing laminate flooring?
Thank you in advance!

you should remove the transitions but when you do they will most likely break so you will need new ones to match your new floor installing laminates is easy with the proper tools and you should contact the manufacturer for installation information on your specific laminate design

Laminate Flooring News

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